Thursday, September 20, 2012

---- KCWC -- who is with me? ----

What a perfect way perfect to start my new blogging adventure...

It's that time of the year again and I am psyched for this falls KCWC. Say what? It's the Kids Clothes Week Challenge: sew for 1 hour a day, for a week, for your kids.

So who is with me?

Save the date OCTOBER 8-14

I'll be participating for my 4th time. You can see what I made the previous times around on my flickr. I look forward to this challenge every season, it really is so much fun and inspiring.

So don't forget to check out Elsie Marley's blog for all the details and to sign up.

Please let me know if you are participating, I would love to check out your creations. 


  1. YAY for the new blog!!! And, yay, for KCWC!! I'm in the list making stages!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing all of your creative endeavors.

  3. I LOVE the new blog!!!

    You know...I am a terrible procrastinator when it comes to sewing. I'm still a beginner and I have trouble following patterns (eek!) so maybe this wouldn't be the best challenge for me--but perhaps you can suggest some beginner projects for me to work on or maybe even some sites to help me understand reading/following patterns better? I have a few projects (a jumper etc) that are half finished in my sewing bin...

    Anyway--I adore the new space here. It is gorgeousness like everything you do.


  4. Yay for the new blog!! I'm definitely doing KCWC, it's my favorite.

  5. Thank you ladies @Jane, @helen, @kristin, I'm so excited! @caroline you are one sweet sweet lady! I'm hoping I'll be able to help you out a little here on the blog and in the mean time let me see what I can do to make you finish your projects! I know a thing or two about procrastinating, I'm sure you and I have lot's in common :)

  6. I am totally on it! I have ideas and patterns all laid out!

    1. So exiting! I don't think I,m all that organize, I usually just go with the flow. Can't wait to see what you make ;)